Value Proposition: Lead Generation frames evaluating value propositions in terms of Hypothesis, Experiments, Results, and New Hypothesis (ie, how have the results impacted the originally hypothesized value proposition). Here is our progress, with the “Higher Education Lead Generation” customer segment.


Higher Ed buyers of prospective student leads are demanding higher quality. They are willing to pay more for higher quality leads (fresher, known source, traced, verified). Our free class search service would deliver students that have already expressed interest in a free class in the related subject to the degree program. They would opt in to being contacted and therefore prove to be a motivated lead of high quality.


Spoke to 3 lead gen vendors and researched lead gen in the higher education space to show the demand for high quality exists.


This market can price leads anywhere from10to50 with many priced in the18to25 range. Leads are scored according to their conversion rates and our leads would score high.

Universities are desiring higher quality leads. There are many tricks in the lead gen business that not only lead to lower conversion rates ,but also are compliance issues for the colleges. Schools want to insure compliance in advertising, they want to make sure their brands & programs are represented correctly and want to avoid common tricks & tactics like incentives, co-registrations, call centers, up-selling, second & third chance leads, bogus scholarships etc.

Lead buyers are concerned about freshness of lead, source of lead, where it’s been, and if the information has been validated.

E2’s Search and tracking would allow colleges to offer lead advertisements for those students who have already taken or searched for a free class. These students have demonstrated a desire to learn and within the field of the degree being offered. Colleges have therefore a motivated lead with context that is relevant for the call center representative at the college. E2’s lead would come with information on which FREE classes they were taking.

New Hypothesis

An opt in lead generated through a search engine versus a information publisher website would score higher and corroborates the initial hypothesis.

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