About E2

e2 (“e squared”) is the evolution of education. It is the education of the 21st century, enhanced by technology, fueled by individual ambition. It is an educational movement. Have you seen it? The pioneers have set sail – check out Khan Academy, Coursera, Udacity, and MIT Open Courseware, just to name a few. And did you notice something peculiar? They are all free.

With national student debt exceeding credit card debt, this is very exciting, encouraging news. We are optimistic the movement will continue to grow. As these great resources become increasingly available, the question becomes – “how do we organize it?”

e2 solves this problem by bringing education to your fingertips. Utilizing a specialized search engine, you can find “free” or “pay for” individual classes, either for credit or not for credit, online or local. Then, with an integrated “Learning Management System” you have the ability to manage, plan, and track your own learning paths based on these courses. Think of it like crafting your very own curriculum. Like hipmunk for education. With built-in interfacing with social media, you can share your progress through Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

We are excited for the things to come. We hope you are too. If you’d like to join in, please consider taking a survey or providing feedback.

Note: This venture is part of the free, online “Venture Lab” class offered through Stanford and taught by Chuck Eesley. We are encouraged to treat our start-up idea as a viable, real world business. You can see the course activity live at http://eesley.blogspot.com/


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