Estimation of Market Size: Mass Market frames estimating market size terms of Total Available Market, Served Available Market, and Target Market. Here is our estimate of market size for the “Mass Market” customer segment.

The end user will not directly provide revenue streams in the “mass market” customer segment. Rather, traffic hits are the initial “currency” for the mass market customer segment of the e2 venture. This traffic can then be used to convert to dollars by calculating estimated conversion rates for advertising.

Total Available Market
There are 273 million internet users in the US, with the potential to use online education.

Served Available Market
In 2010, 22 million students enrolled in a 4 year university or graduate school.

Target Market
Education-Portal, OpenCulture, and Alison are websites centered are free, online learning and/or higher education lead gen. Each operate at about a 1 million monthly traffic visits. (Source:,,

We will use 12 million annual visits as our baseline for e2 traffic.


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