Our Social Mission


Working on a project that has potential to to change higher education is a motivator for all on our team.  We have all come face to face with the dark side of higher education – student debt, always increasing tuition, irrelevant courses, questionable market value, “Stalin-like” student service personnel and lost time to name a few.  The economy in my opinion is moving toward being skill based versus degree driven.  Why do companies insist on hiring people with only bachelors degree’s ?  Wouldn’t it be possible for employee’s to be learning exactly what companies want from the start ?  At what price and how fast is a problem the market can solve.  Companies like Alison.com are innovating around the delivery and validation of employee skills.  I see this trend continuing.  That said, the quantity of college degree’s are expected to continue to grow.  Let’s see what we can do to offer alternatives to mountains of student debt.

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