I come from the future

Yes, you read the title right – I’m from the future. Or in other words, a different time zone.

Setting up team meetings at a time that fits everybody’s schedules can be a challenge in itself, and even more so when the time difference between members is 12 hours! But so far we’ve been able to pull if off thrice without too much lost sleep. Surprisingly enough, the toughest part is converting between time zones and figuring out when I need to be online for our hangout!

We’ve been using Google+ Hangout for our meetings hangouts. At first I wasn’t even sure my internet connection would be able to handle voice and video chat with 6 other people, but I’m very impressed with what Google has accomplished – integrating screensharing, collaborative editing on Google Docs…I almost sound like a cheap infomercial, but honestly, Hangout has been great for virtual meetings like ours. One of these days, I think even Diana’s cat and mine will be able to meet each other. Really, who would have thought!

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